Caliu Oven

A perfect result with a
revolutionary wood-fired oven

The Caliu Oven is a wood-fired oven redesigned;
it works by a dual side air canal system. It is designed

to achieve the maximum effectiveness and versatility
in a professional environment. 

Why is not the Caliu Oven a conventional wood-fired oven?

Designed for the most discerning chefs 


Does your kitchen need an effective oven, that gets heated quickly and with which you can use different cooking techniques? With the Caliu Oven you can cook in a direct, indirect or mixed way, and take advantage of its ability to obtain a high performance. An oven that fits perfectly today’s chefs. Different versions with some accessories like a catering station, perfect for the organization of events. It is the perfect oven for show cooking.

The dimensions of the oven are 82 x 78 x 76 cm, the weight is 130 kg, and the materials used are stainless steel/refractory and concrete.

Advantages of having a Caliu Oven


Some of the features of the Caliu Oven are: double front and posterior aperture, double door for quick cooking without decrease of temperature; the cooking chamber is 100% usable, designed in a modular format and extra quick cooling. The caliu Oven it’s machine that stands out for its usefulness and aesthetics.

Using the Caliu Oven you will achieve a precise fire control, without wasting time or temperature. With the double aperture version, the Caliu oven only needs 15 minutes to cool down. The higher temperature is 380 °C.


Oven Caliu versions


Oven Caliu versions

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