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Designing customizable products for food professionals

Caliu® is creativity, innovation and design for food professionals. We work with restaurants, caterings and hotels to design customised products to satisfy their needs.

Have no limits. Whatever you imagine, we can do it.

Do you want to innovate or stand out with your business? Would you like us to design a kitchen tool, furniture or any other product exclusively for you? Would you like us to help you create a unique event designing a space just for you? You’re in the right place!

Customised design projects
Some examples:


Double Plate

Vicenç posed us a challenge. Redefine a concept of an already existing double plate but widening its possibilities. From this concept Double Plate was born: a piece that is complex in its execution yet simple and minimalist in its aesthetics. The combination of the piece made of white glazed ceramic and the frosted glass piece allows you to play with transparencies and serve food in different sensory phases. The pieces can also be used separately.

This project was made for: Restaurant La Plaça, Madremanya

In collaboration with FOOS Artglass and Ivet Bazaco Ceràmica

One Plate

One plate, a thousand versions. Mercè asked us for a surprising design. A unique concept of a versatile plate. It’s basically made of two elements: a plate made of ceramics with organic reminiscences and an intense reddish colour, and a top glass piece that allows you to experiment and present food in a different way.

This project was made for: Mercès Events, Barcelona

In collaboration with FOOS Artglass and Montse Zurilla Ceràmica

Calçots barbecue

This project was special for us because we were barely given instructions. We were just told that we had to create a special BBQ meant to cook calçots (calçots are one of our most typical and beloved vegetables in our country, typically cooked in the barbecue. They are similar to scallions). The only thing that was told to us was to create the best and most practical BBQ to cook calçots, with a different and unique style. A BBQ that, however, could also be used to cook other kinds of food. So we created a new system that allows you to create a very large number of calçots at once, with very durable and robust grates.

This project was made with Barbacoas.com

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