Caliu BBQs

More than just a barbecue

Caliu represents food, design and experiences

Caliu will make you live very special moments around the table in a true Mediterranean style


Discover all the Caliu Barbecues


  • Caliu

    A barbecue designed to share the experience and taste for quality food. Based on simplicity, quality and usability.

  • Caliu Charcoal

    Our charcoal, made from coconut briquettes, emits less smoke and smell than normal charcoal. Caliu also has multiple accessories for its barbecues.

  • Caliu Chimney

    The best tool to ignite charcoal quickly and safely. In just 20 minutes the charcoal will be ready to start cooking. Simple and effective.

  • Caliueta

    Caliueta is the smaller version of Caliu barbecue. Perfect to prepare delicious and romantic meals and keep food warm. Ideal for two people.

  • Caliu for Catering

    Designed for a professional use. It's perfect for an intensively grill cooking. It allows to cook for many guests simultaneously.

  • Terra

    The perfect match for your BBQ Caliu. Terra is a product line created for keeping food warm while eating. Modern and rustic in a single concept.

Caliu, winner of a Silver Delta Award 2013

The range of BBQs Caliu was awarded with a Silver Delta Award 2013 for its design and philosophy. The Delta Awards are one of the most prestigious design awards in Europe.