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Yaki Caliu

Maximum versatility in a Japanese style grill

Yaki Caliu®, the most versatile grill

Different work heights

The Yaki Caliu will allow you to cook at different heights, thus controlling the temperature to obtain your food just as cooked as you want.

Compatible with many accessories

You can use the Yaki Caliu with many of the accessories of the Caliu range: grills, plates, pans, lid, skewers... You will not have limits when it comes to cooking your recipes!

Compact and economic

The Caliu Yaki is designed for catering and showcooking, therefore it is easily transportable. In addition, compared to other products of the market with the same characteristics, we offer a very competitive price.

Yaki Caliu amb diferents accessoris

The perfect grill for caterings, showcookings and banquets

The Yaki Caliu® is a grill inspired in Japanese grills. It has different working heights and a mobile top bar so you can work simultaneously on different cooking techniques.

With the Yaki Caliu® you can use the various accessories of the Caliu range of products, such as the Touché skewers, the different plates and grills, the Caliu Lid or the pans. It offers a real showcooking experience to your customers!

We offer up to three versions of the Yaki Caliu, according to their size: the smaller, the Yaki Caliu Horeca, the average, the Yaki Caliueta Catering and the largest, the Yaki Caliu Catering.

Yaki Caliu en ús

Don’t miss the Yaki Caliu® characteristics *

Característiques del Yaki Caliu

* The sizes and characteristics shown are about the Yaki Caliu Càtering version

A real world of possibilities at your fingertips

Totes les possibilitats del Yaki Caliu Càtering

If you already have the Caliu barbecue or the Caliu Catering and you are interested in Yaki you can also buy just the Yaki accessory

Do you want more information about the Yaki Caliu®? Contact us!