Mimcook: maximum precision, perfect paella

The first paella precision cooker,
with automatic control

Mimcook is the first intelligent and high-precision paella cooker for professional kitchens. Allows you

to control the rice when you are cooking it. Gastronomic technology to make

a perfect rice, in the easiest and most effective way.



Mimcook is a machine capable of controlling absolute precision the process of cooking rice and paella. It is a high-precision paella cooker

meant to be used by professional chefs. Recipes can be memorized and later reproduced with the same result always.

Why cook your paellas with Mimcook?


Perfectly done rice


Mimcook makes it easier to control the cooking of all kind of rice. It controls and standardises each phase of the rice cooking process. The chef can memorize his recipe in the Mimcook, and can be reproduced as many times as you want. You will get haute-cuisine rice.  If you prefer it, you can also choose one recipe predefined in the Mimcook.
It has a thermocouple system and a flame pilot system.  In very few steps you will get rice perfectly done.


Take the rice, pour the broth and …done!


With a programmable system, an elegant and robust design and the maximum precision, thanks to its temperature sensor, Mimcook is meant to be used by professional chefs.

With its protection for the wind you can cook wither indoors or outdoors, and  it can also be used with butane gas, propane gas or natural gas. Mimcook has an intuitive display so all the cooks can reproduce the chef’s recipe, and when the rice is ready, the fire will shut down automatically. Technology innovation applied to the world of gastronomy to get the perfect rice.


How did Mimcook come about?

The restaurateur Sergi Escolà, owner of the restaurant Casinet, in Tarragona, contacted us with the idea of creating a machine capable of cooking de perfect paella. With more than 20 years of experience, Sergi wanted to put all his knowledge about cooking rice in a machine that controls with absolute precision the cooking process of the rice.

Immediately after in Bahí&Güell we began to think how would be the design to make this idea a reality. We did it altogether with Sergi and with a team of engineers.  The final purpose was to create and design a unique machine. More information about the project


Gastronomic technology to cook the best rice



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Real case of the use of Mimcook


The perfect example of using Mimcook is the restaurant  Maná 75 BarcelonaIt’s a restaurant

specialized in rice. They use 20 Mimcooks simultaneously in full performance.



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