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Frequently Asked Questions about Mimcook


1. What is Mimcook?

Mimcook is a paella cooker that can automatize the process of cooking rice, with recipes previously memorized by the chef in the Mimcook. You will get maximum control and precision in all the steps of cooking.


2. Why you may be interested in having a Mimcook?

Mimcook is synonym of technology and revolutionary programing, with a screen and high range design, a unique product on the market.


3. Can I cook all kind of rice with Mimcook?

Yes, Mimcook is capable of cooking all kind of rice recipes and paellas.


4. Does it consume more than a standard paella cooker?

Mimcook does not consume more than a standard paella cooker, since it does not use more gas during the cooking. On the contrary, fuel consumption is optimised thanks to the precise regulation of the gas. It consumes the minimum necessary.

5. Does it occupy the same space in the kitchen as an standard paellero?

The Mimcook’s diameter is 60 cm. You can cook paellas from 42 cm to 70 cm of diameter.


6. Does it have a maintenance cost?

It does not have any extra cost of maintenance if you preserve it well.


7. Does Mimcook handle the after-sales service?

We do not make pre-installations either installations. When buying the product we can recommend some installer depending on the geographic zone, if it’s necessary.


8. It is easy transportable?
Yes, it’s transportable. It has to be very well protected to avoid blows that can cause damage in its structure and electronics components.


9. Can I memorize my own recipes in the Mimcook?

Of course you can. Mimcook allows you to memorize your customised recipes, adapted to your own menu. Furthermore, Mimcook also includes recipes when you buy it.


10. Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, it’s possible to finance it in instalments.


11. What are the advantages of the Mimcook?

With Mimcook you can guarantee that your cooking team cook the exact same recipe of paella. Also, with the sensors you can control the exact times in every step of the process of cooking rice. Mimcook can reproduce the same recipe by anyone, which guarantees the same result in all of them.


12. Do you have the product certification?

We are on the process to obtain the certification for the use outdoors and indoors.


13. Can I try my recipe before buying it?

Of course, you can try the experience of cooking with a Mimcook. We can organize a demonstration where you will see the advantages, quality and the use of the machine for your restaurant or catering.


14. What are the savings per month when using Mimcook?

Thanks to Mimcook you can avoid the most common mistakes when cooking paella. As we know, the fundamental element is how your paella tastes. Mimcook prevents the in excess evaporation of the fumet, or the failures in any of the phases of cooking rice. Using Mimcook you will assure the maximum quality in your entire menu.



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