ECO Ignition Pack ( Coconut based )

ECO Ignition Pack ( Coconut based )

After years of testing and trying out, we are proud to introduce this new product. Our commitment has been always to offer the best combination beteween quality, performance and easy of use. We present you a new concept of ease to start and set up the best embers for grilling.


A pack of coconut shell Bio Charcoal and Fire Starter Coconut Fibre tablets, presented in "One use dose bags" ( 850-900grs. ) for the best grilling experience combined with Caliu barbecues. Made by natural coconut shell from certified natural plantations and presented in a cubic shaped briquettes, bringing the easiest way to set up the grill.


The pack consists of 6 charcoal doses + 6 fire starter tablets ready to start either with our Caliu Chimney ( recommended for the easiest and clever setting up ) or directly inside the barbecue.


Power up your grilling with the best performance on power, longlasting and stability with the minimum smoke and no sparkles. Try it, you'll love it!


Outstanding performance in terms of stability, duration and heat power while being flamless and producing low smoke and no sparkles. Enjoy a complete organic experience with our Coconut Fibres Starter Tablets! See them in action here!

  • Tech Specs

    Duration: Up to 2'5 hours

    Power: 7000Kcal

    Pack Weight: 6 kg

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