Caliu Chimney

Caliu Chimney

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With an standard Caliu charcoal dose capacity, Caliu Chimney is the best accessory to achive great coal embers, quick, clean and easy way. Setting up the charcoal barbecue has never been so easy! You would be able to start cooking after about 20 minutes. An ideal balance between aesthetics and usability. Best companinon for any of the Caliu barbecues.


Using Caliu Chimney is simple, it consists of only 5 steps to ignite the coal. Place the hut and the ignition pellet, then fill the Chimney with coconut charcoal ( or any other charcoal ) and light the pellet. When the flame has reached the top and the charcoal is covered by a white litthe ashes, you will be ready to remove the chimney with the handle.


We recommend that you use Caliu coconut charcoal for its fantastic properties (if you don't know it, try it! You'll love it!) If you whish, it's also possible to use it with any other regular or briquette shaped charcoal.


caliu ® is a tabletop charcoal barbecue range, designed and manufactured in Girona (Catalonia) by bahíguell with a minimalist style, based on quality and usability. Produced with few pieces, without assemblies or moving parts, to obtain a robust and lasting result. Created with a style based on simplicity, quality and functionality.

  • Product Info

    Size: 30 x 12.6 x 8.6 cm

    Weight: 1.5 Kg

    Material: Stainless Steel