Caliu grates


These grates will make your Caliu even more versatile. Cook your food your way. Made with durable and high-quality materials such as stainless steel or iron.

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Six different grates for your barbecue


1. Standard grate

The standard grate is the traditional one to cook with your barbecue. It’s thickness and materials make it reach high temperatures that will help you to cook your food perfectly.

2. Mixed grate

The mixed grate is ideal for when you want to cook different types of food in the same barbecue. So, to the left you can cook with the standard grate, while to the right you will have space to cook the food on the griddle.

3. Griddle grate

This grate will transform your barbecue into a griddle. So, you will be able to cook some special food, like fish, in your bbq. You can also cook other recipes that require a flat cooking surface, such as pancakes.

4. Squared grate

This original grate is perfect for cooking on the barbecue those small ingredients that with a traditional grill would slip through the grid. In this way, you can cook food like asparagus, mushrooms or even clams.

5. Wok grate

The wok grate is for those people who want to include the oriental cuisine in the world of barbecues. It has a central hole to fit the wok, through which will emerge all the heat from the flames.

6. Griddle grate (hard chrome)

This durable chrome griddle grate is designed for intensive and professional use. This grill has a hard chromium coating that makes it very resistant to high temperatures.

7. A versatile barbecue

Here you have a video with some ideas and recipes to cook with the different grates and the Caliu bbq:

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Standard grate, Mixed grate, Griddle grate, Squared grate, Wok grate, Griddle grate (hard chrome)