Multi height position


The multi height position is an accessory for your barbecue designed to      give a perfect height to the grill. In this way, you can obtain a much more adequate cooking of your meals.
It has two different positions that allows you to give more height to the grill. With the two sides of the multi height position open, the flame intensity can be handled more easily.
It is the perfect accessory for cooking food with flame,and it is thought to be used with Caliu barbecues.


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Get the perfect cooking

The multi height position allows you to get the right cooking point on your meals.  With its two heights, it helps you to situate the grill with food at the correct distance from the flames. Choose the position that fits most with your food and enjoy a perfect meal.
Try it with “calçots” or chestnuts, as it is the perfect accessory to cook food with flame.

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