YAKI (accessory)


The YAKI is a lightweight and compact accessory that will allow you to extend the possibilities of your Caliu® barbecue. With YAKI you can work at different heights so that you can move food according to the type of cooking you are looking for. It is the ideal complement to easily turn your Caliu barbecue into a Japanese-style grill in order to achieve the perfect cooking point.


You can take YAKI to another level combining it with the other Caliu® accessories, such as the Touché skewers and the different grills for the barbecue. This way, the culinary possibilities become infinite.


The YAKI is available in three different sizes, according to which barbecue you want to use it:

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Technical features:
  • It is ideal for catering, banquets and showcooking
  • Work heights: 4 heights + mobile top tray
  • Weight: 11.75 kg
  • Material: stainless steel Sizes: 920 x 300 x 455 mmm (width x depth x height)
  • Finishes: matt sandblasted


Discover the different ways of using YAKI:

Caliu Yaki a japanese-style barbecue

Additional Information

YAKI by Caliu Horeca, YAKI for the catering Caliu, YAKI for the catering Caliueta