Caliueta Càtering


Caliueta Catering:a charcoal barbecue for events and catering. It can also be used for show-cooking. It doubles the size of a Caliueta barbecue.
Its brazier allows to use two different grids, making it versatile and allowing different uses and food preparations. Different food can be cooked at the same time, either with only one grid or using both of them. Its long shape makes it possible to work outside, and in front of the customers.
The accessories of the Caliueta Catering can be used with the Caliueta barbecue too. Here you have some useful information about how to light a BBQ easily  and the difference between the Caliu range BBQs.

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Technical features:

  • Services: small banquets and showcooking
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Measures: 655x237x160 mm
  • Finishes: polished and heatproof paint

Here you have a video with some ideas of mediterranean style barbecue recipes:

Additional Information
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