Caliu YAKI


The Caliu® Yaki allows you to apply the traditional technique of the Japanese grill. A tool great for achieving the perfect cooking point. It’s ideal for catering, banquets and show-cooking. Extend the possibilities offered by the barbecue with the Caliu YAKI, a tool created for chefs that allows you to cook at multiple levels.


Get the perfect cooking with up to four different work heights on the grill!


The Yaki is compatible with other Caliu® accessories, such as the different grills for the barbecue or Touché skewers.


We offer you three different Caliu Yaki options that vary in size:

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Technical features:
  • Work heights: 4 heights + mobile top tray
  • YAKI weight: 11.75 kg
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Measurements of the Caliu YAKI (catering version): 920 x 300 x 455 mm (width x depth x height)
  • Finishes: matt sandblasted


Here we show you the combinations of the different ways of using YAKI:


Caliu Yaki a japanese-style barbecue

Additional Information
Weight 12 kg

Yaki + Caliu càtering, Yaki + Caliu horeca, Yaki + Caliueta càtering