Terra (slate coloured)


Modern and rustic in one single concept. TERRA is perfect for keeping your food warm on the table.
It’s very easy to use. You will only need small bricks of coconut shell charcoal*. This will also help you avoid the most common problems of using charcoal: smell and smoke. Enjoy your food and forget about the rest.
Available in different colours and sizes.
*You can either use our small coconut shell charcoal or any other brand’s, as long as the size of the brick is small. This kind of bricks are easy to find.

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The perfect accessory for your barbecue

Made with few pieces, they are consistent and durable. TERRA is perfect to keep the food with the right temperature at the table. You can clean TERRA with water and dish soap or you can also use the dishwasher.

Additional Information
Weight 2.730 kg

Small (20cm diameter), Medium (25cm diameter), Big (28cm diameter)


Big (28 cm diameter), Medium (25 cm diameter), Small (20 cm diameter)