XXL Barbecue

Use your grill & cook for a lot
of people simultaneously

A perfect large barbecue for showcooking in caterings and restaurants.

Versatility in cooking techniques

The XXL barbecue is the best and most practical grill for cooking by many people at once, with a stylish and modern design. The XXL barbecue allows cooking any food with any grilled cooking technique: directly or indirectly. To achieve this, we have created a system of cooking serial with modular grates, which can be exchanged for any of the variety of Caliu’s grates. In that way, you will be able to cook with differents techniques and styles simultaneously, such as griddle grate, with standard grate or with squared grate, to cook smaller foods.

Easily removable and transportable

Despite its large size, that let you cook for many diners at once, the XXL Barbecue it’s really easy to disassemble and transport in pallet size. Its perfect to take to events and caterings.

Size: 120x70x75 cm

Project done with Barbacoas.com

An XXL barbecue: so you can cook for everyone

Grates made of stainless steel to ensure its durability and resistance, to serve many people simultaneously without reducing its efficiency.


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