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Accessories made for grilling


The best complements for your Caliu

Caliu is more than just a barbecue; it's a whole family.

Various grilling tools, from basic to advanced, designed to help you experiment and improve your grilling skills, all tailored specifically for Caliu barbecues.

We have a variety of grates for different cooking techniques.  


Master the art of grilling cooking with pans & llaunes on your barbecue. 

For fast and safe charcoal ignition, try the Chimney. Ready in just 20 minutes.

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Experience our best products together at a lower price
with our
special kits 


This lid enhances your bbq versatility, transforming it into an oven for steam cooking, smoking, or flavoring.

Turn every creation into a culinary masterpiece with a touché of creativity.


Robatayaki, the ultimate grilling station for chefs.

Image by Ben McLeod

Long-lasting, flame-free, non-sparking, and low-smoke charcoal briquettes.  

The best barbecues accessories for a charcoal grill. A successful barbecue requires not only a high-quality grill, but also good barbecue accessories. The range of grilling accessories is wide, ranging from basic accessories to barbecue equipment to experiment with and advance your grilling skills. The perfect tools to expand your culinary horizons and help you get the most out of your Caliu. So, to ensure a smooth grilling experience, make sure you have the proper barbecue accessories.

We offer the ideal complements specially designed for your caliu barbecue, such as the lid to convert your barbecue into an oven for steam cooking, smoking, and flavoring, the chimney to ignite the charcoal quickly and safely in just 20 minutes, a variety of grates for all types of uses, and pans for the barbecue, among many other items to improve your grilling.

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