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Buy together and save money


Our special package deals


Experience the full Caliu journey with our handpicked selection of top products, bundled together for a complete experience at a discounted price.

The perfect grilling combo

Discover more of the Caliu World

It is worthwhile to invest in a high-quality barbecue, such as Caliu, but it is even better if you also save money. 
Our mission is to refine the art of grilling and our passion is to supply the best grills to everyone's needs, so we gathered some of our best products in one place at a lower price. We want you to have a complete experience with our products, so it's best if you buy our special charcoal barbecue offers. 

Whether you're a barbecue enthusiast who enjoys an occasional outdoor event with grilled food, or a professional who uses it every day at their restaurant, this is the place to find great deals on our world class grills made with 100% stainless steel. 

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