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How can we support your kitchen operations to improve your catering services?

Our products are here to be your ally, enhancing kitchen productivity, showcooking, and presentation.

From the 'Back Office' to the 'Front Office', our line of products is designed to improve each phase of the process, guaranteeing more efficient and successful preparation, cooking and presentation.


If you are looking for products that stand out for their 
versatility, efficiency, elegant design, exceptional durability and modular characteristics, we are the solution. 


Specialists in grilling products

The Caliu barbecue has received recognition for its design and user-friendly features. Its rectangular surface allows to prepare meals with extreme precision and with endless number of different cooking techniques thanks to all their accessories.


Let's accessorize

RobataYaki transforms the Caliu Catering barbecue into a
fully-equipped grilling station.

Its innovative design allows for layered cooking at different heights, enabling you to maximize your productivity.


Chafing dishes come in a variety of sizes and materials to suit your requirements. They use 3-4 charcoal pieces to keep the food warm and ready during events, presentations, and other gatherings.  

A lid to convert your barbecue into an oven for steam cooking, smoking, and flavoring. 

The chimney to ignite the charcoal quickly and safely in just 20 minutes.

Experience our best products together at a lower price
with our special kits 

Rice pan