Caliu Catering Barbecue

Caliu Catering Barbecue

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The powerful charcoal barbecue for events and catering based on our design awarded Caliu barbecue standard. It is also ideal for show-cooking events. The brazier allows the use of two different grills, which makes the barbecue very versatile, being able to prepare different meals at the same time, using one or both grills.


Its elongated shape allows cooking outside the kitchen, in front of the customers.  Caliu Catering accessories can also be used for the Caliu barbecue and viceversa.


It is designed to be placed in any space on the kitchen work table, as it takes up very little space and only needs to be under a fume hood.


caliu ® is a tabletop charcoal barbecue range, designed and manufactured in Girona (Catalonia) by bahíguell with a minimalist style, based on quality and usability. Produced with few pieces, without assemblies or moving parts, to obtain a robust and lasting result. Created with a style based on simplicity, quality and functionality.


Details and components of the barbecue package:


- Outer housing

- Charcoal braziers with anti-heat black coating

- Internal bases ( coal support )

- Standard grill griddle


Compatible accessories:

- Chimney Starter, in stainless steel

- Flat Griddle

- Lid ( oven effect for indirecte cooking & flavouring )

- Custom grills ( thickness, grid separation and finishes )

  • Product Info

    Size: 840 x 300 x 160 mm

    Materials: Stainless Steel

    Finishes: Anti-heat black coating, sanblasted and polished

    Professional use cases: kitchen support and big catering events