XXL Barbecue


The XXL barbecue is a large barbecue that allows cooking for many people simultaneously.  It is  made entirely of stainless steel , a feature that guarantees his durability and resistance. Its design of  few pieces makes its assembly and cleaning simple.


This BBQ can be used to work with any kind of food and cooking tecniques, directly or indirectly. It has a modular system and grills, which can be interchanged with the variety of grills of  Caliu barbecues.

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Cook for many

With the XXL barbecue you can cook for many people simultaneously. In addition, the XXL barbecue allows cooking with different tecniques such as grilled, with standard grates or grill grates. This barbecue is indispensable for lovers of ember.


Quick and easy assembly

The XXL barbecue is a set created with few pieces, so you will quickly have it ready for cooking. Its completely removable and easy to transport. Is the perfect barbecue to take it to events and caterings.

Additional Information
Weight 105 kg
Dimensions 120 × 70 × 85 cm