NitroCORK BOL Black


The range of products NitroCORK allows you to inovate in cooking techniques. It is perfect both for cooking by cold plate or direct immersion, as for the presentation on the table.


The NitroCORK BOL is a working circular bucket with liquid nitrogen for production and showcooking. It is made of high density cork and stainless steel. It allows showcooking below 0 with a unique design. This model is in black.

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Cooking with nitrogen


NitroCork BOL consists of two pieces, the working circular bucket made of high density cork, and the plate made of stainless steel. NitroCORK, will allow you to cook with liquid nitrogen experimenting with new cooking techniques in the most stylish way.

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Weight 4.36 kg
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 12.5 cm