Caliueta Barbecue

Caliueta Barbecue

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Caliueta Barbecue includes everything you need to make a barbecue and cook in an elegant and simple way. Caliueta is the small version of the Caliu barbecue, so it becomes the perfect barbecue for al fresco dining for two.


With Caliueta you can cook directly on the table, so the food always stays hot and you don't have to bother getting up constantly. You can use any compacted charcoal charcoal to cook with the barbecue, but for greater performance and experience we recommend that you use coconut charcoal for its qualities. Do you know it?


Here you can find our CALIU Recipe Book with barbecue, videos and accessories.


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Details and components of the barbecue:

- Outer housing, in stainless steel

- Box of embers, in stainless steel and anti-caloric paint

- Internal base (support for coal), in stainless steel

- Standard grill, in stainless steel

- Grill handle, in stainless steel (usable in multiple grids)


Compatible accessories:

- Fireplace, in stainless steel

- Plate, in stainless steel

- Lid, in stainless steel

- Custom grills (thickness, grid separation and finishes)

  • Product Info

    Size: 350 x 237 x 160 mm

    Weight: 6.8 Kg

    Materials: Stainless Steel

    Finishes: Antiheat black coating, sandblasted & electropolished

    Professional use case: Kitchen support and little events